Through this notice, GONDOLINE SPORT S.L. (hereinafter GONDOLINE SPORT), with CIF (Tax Code) B-03188463 and registered address in Avda. de Hispanoamérica, 1 - 03610 Petrer (Alicante) SPAIN, owner of the website, regulates the use of the service of the Internet website, which is put at the disposal of Internet users. The user expressly accepts the general terms by reading them and by using the website, and assumes the liability for the total or partial breach of provisions of the exposed general and specific terms and for the legal actions that may arise as a consequence of their violation. For this reason, the user should read each provision, as well as the successive modifications that could be introduced in the general terms of use, as in the specific and particular terms to be added, both types applicable, and which can be checked by the user by accessing to the website. GONDOLINE SPORT, on the other hand, undertakes to notify to the users all the modifications, changes or inclusions of the new provisions that shall be incorporated in the section “General Terms of Use and Responsibilities", by using notifications or in the news section. As a result, GONDOLINE SPORT reserves the right to modify these terms of use, in order to adapt them to the current legislation, applicable at each time, the news in the case-law and the usual market practices. These terms of use, in addition and because of their particular features, do not exclude the possibility that certain services of the website can be subject to particular terms of use, which, in any case, can be consulted by the user before their activation.

GONDOLINE SPORT, through the website, offers the contents, services, features and activities of a SHOE COMPANY. New services, activities or contents may be added to the website by GONDOLINE SPORT, always based on the development and evolution of the company and the industry, in order to improve the performance and the quality of the provided service. On the other hand, GONDOLINE SPORT also reserves the right to cancel, modify,substitute or restrict these contents, services, or activities, expressly and without prior notice to the users.

1. Condition, features and concept of user: A user is any natural or legal person who has access to, in order to contemplate, investigate, search or consult its contents or to locate or check any service that is of interest. The access to the website in order to search or display information does not require a previous, express and accepted registration as a user of the website, nor the communication of the personal data. However, the use of certain services or the acquisition of certain products may be conditioned to prior registration. It is only necessary the registration and the communication of personal data when there is an intention of contacting the company regarding any questions about the services offered by GONDOLINE SPORT in its website. In these cases, it is necessary the formal registration of the user, who will get a code and a password, which will serve for future reference or performances. In these cases, it is necessary and fundamental that the user provides, communicates and authorizes freely, expressly and voluntarily the personal data for their processing. GONDOLINE SPORT assumes the liability for the use of personal data in accordance with the regulations established by the Law of Protection of Personal Data and ensures to have taken all the safety measures of technical and organizational nature in order to protect the confidentiality and the integrity of the information, in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December, of Protection of Personal Data, and with the Regulation 994/1999 of 14th June, which complements it. For further information, GONDOLINE SPORT recommends to the user consulting and carefully reading the section about the Privacy Policy. 2. Free services: In general, accessing to the website is free of charge. However, the acquisition of any exposed services offered in the website is subject to an economic compensation for the corresponding value of the object and its commissions, in the manner and terms determined in the specific terms of the service. 3. Use of the website: The user accepts that the use of the contents and the services offered by the website are at its exclusive risk and liability. The user undertakes to use the website and its services in accordance with the law, with the general terms, the particular terms of certain services and other notices, the regulations of use and the instructions known by him or her, as well as with morality, with generally accepted good customs and public order. Also, the user undertakes to make an appropriate use of the services and contents of the website and to not use them for illegal or crime activities, for purposes that harm the rights of third parties or that infringe the regulation on Intellectual and Industrial Property or any other law of the applicable Spanish legal system. The user undertakes to not introduce on the website any virus or harmful files susceptible to cause damage to the computer systems of GONDOLINE SPORT, their non-third party providers or their third party users, as well as to not introduce hyperlinks that allow access to the web pages of the website and the services without the consent of the company. The user undertakes to take no action that undermines the credit of GONDOLINE SPORT or third parties. 4: Truthfulness of the information. The information provided by the user must at all times be truthful, so the user responds by all those manifestations, data, contents, information and details that are false, vague and inaccurate. In the case of the provision of personal data for data collection or the registration as a user, this information must be accurate and matched. The user agrees and undertakes to notify any changes or future modifications of the personal data, and they have to be adapted, consequently, to the actual situation. The inaccuracy of the information exempts GONDOLINE SPORT of any liability by the lack of information from the user, in connection with the services and activities, whenever GONDOLINE SPORT had acted with the proper diligence in its communications. In any case, the user is the only liable for the false or inexact manifestations and for the damage caused to GONDOLINE SPORT or third parties by the provided information. 5. Acceptance by the user: The user undertakes to accept without reservation all the terms of the website by using it and by reading the general and particular terms, and assumes the liability as a result of an inappropriate, irliable, negligent, culpable or fraudulent use of the website and its contents. In this way, the user also assumes the consequences and responsibilities with regard to any legal or judicial action that comes as a result of these actions.

1. Proper functioning and continuous availability: GONDOLINE SPORT is not liable for failures in the functioning of the website, as well as for the disruption, delays, slowness, loss or disconnections in communications and the transmission of messages. GONDOLINE SPORT does not guarantee the proper, continuous, constant and uninterrupted functioning of the website. 2. Liability for damages to the user: GONDOLINE SPORT is not liable for damages of any kind caused to the user as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the contents and services provided by third parties that may produce alterations in the computer of the user. GONDOLINE SPORT is not liable either for the damages caused to the user by failures or errors in the access, connections or transmissions, by unexpected interruptions of the service, by intrusions, computer viruses, mass-mailing of advertising or when the aforementioned causes are due to external situations, such as flaws or internal viruses on the computer of the user, deficiency or slowness of the Internet connection, problems in the communication with telephone operators, or when it is due to force majeure. 3. Liability for contents: GONDOLINE SPORT does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, or reliability of the data, programs, information or opinions running on the website, no matter their origin. The user assumes under his sole liability the consequences, damages or actions that may arise from the access to such contents. 4. Liability for third parties: As a result, GONDOLINE SPORT is not liable for any act performed by third parties unrelated to the system, which carry out acts against users by breaking the security measures, such as sending computer viruses, spam or trading post, interrupting the service and accessing to messages. GONDOLINE SPORT undertakes to adopt all the technical, organizational and legal measures for the security of the communications, both in terms of secure connections and protection of personal data. GONDOLINE SPORT cannot ensure or guarantee neither the invulnerability of its security system nor the inviolability of communications, and in this way it disclaims any liability. The exoneration of liability is to prevail if GONDOLINE SPORT proves that it did not know the existence of the viruses or the actions by third parties, or even knowing them, that it acted with the proper diligence to remove the data or the viruses in the computer files, prevent the access and report this situation to the competent authorities. GONDOLINE SPORT is not liable for any damage that may result from any case of force majeure, fortuitous or not attributable to the company; nor for the inappropriate functioning of the website for external reasons, as the malfunction of the operators of telephony, the misconfiguration of the computer of the user or the insufficient capacity of the computer system that cannot support the content and the extent of the information displayed on the website. However, GONDOLINE SPORT undertakes to put the maximum diligence to solve any kind of technical problem, correct it and help the user to solve it.

The contents, elements and information that the user can access through the website are subject to and protected by the Spanish law of Industrial and Intellectual Property, including the trademarks, trade names, legends, graphics, logos, patents, copyright belonging exclusively to GONDOLINE SPORT, and which are protected by national, community and international legislation in the field of Industrial Property. The user undertakes to not delete, modify, plagiarize or alter any distinctive sign, trademark, trade name, legend, graphic or logo. The user accepts that the access to the website and its contents does not grant any right on their property, nor to modify them, exploit them, misappropriate them, commercialize them, to carry out any act of denigration, confusion, use of the reputation, or any act of unfair competition which infringes the rights of industrial property of GONDOLINE SPORT. In relation to the contents, designs, drawings and illustrations of the website, they belong exclusively to GONDOLINE SPORT and are protected by the applicable national and international legislation. The user acknowledges that the rights of intellectual property of GONDOLINE SPORT are protected by the regulations established for the Intellectual Property. The user acknowledges that none of the rights laiddown are ceded to him or her and undertakes to not exploit them, reproduce them, publicly notify them, distribute them or decompile them. Any action contrary to these rights is the liability of the user, who will be the solely liable against third parties and will respond against many legal or judicial actions initiated because of their non-compliance. In this way, the user undertakes to use this information exclusively for his or her own needs, as consultation or assistance; as well as not to carry out any commercial exploitation of the services, the contents, or any other action affecting the rights of Intellectual or Industrial Property of their owner(s), either directly or indirectly. The user also undertakes to not suggest or encourage third parties or third party competitors of GONDOLINE SPORT to carry out activities prohibited by law or any kind of acts of unfair competition that prevent the positioning of the company; that generate confusion or association, or that create discredit in the image, brand or trade name, in order to obstruct the implementation, development and proper evolution of GONDOLINE SPORT in trade. The user will not use the distinctive signs to carry out commercial actions without permission, to his or her own benefit or others’. The user will abstain from carrying out any act which violates the public order, morality, honor, dignity, personal or family privacy and image, or which is illegal. The liability for prohibited activities or the ones contrary to the law are exclusively of the user, who undertakes to not harm GONDOLINE SPORT, against any judicial or extrajudicial action that is carried out as a result of that type of acts. The user undertakes and is liable to carry out their compliance and to extend them to all those people authorized by the user to make use of his or her restricted access to the website.

GONDOLINE SPORT reports that certain uses of the website imply the provision of personal data by the user, who authorizes through this addition their processing and their inclusion in the files with personal data of GONDOLINE SPORT. GONDOLINE SPORT ensures to comply and implement all the security measures of organizational, technical and legal nature in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law15/1999 of 13th December, of Protection of Personal Data, and the Regulation 994/1999 of 14th June, which complements it. GONDOLINE SPORT undertakes to install other technical, organizational and legal means in the future, to adapt, as a result, to the evolution of new technologies in the field of the safety and the technological infractions. However, the user must be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable. For further information, the user should consult the Privacy Policy of the website, as well as those terms where it is specified and necessary to communicate the user's personal data.

1. Modifications: GONDOLINE SPORT reserves the right to, at any time; make the appropriate changes on the website, by organizing, deleting, or adding content, data, services or products. These modifications are to be done unilaterally and without prior notice. In relation to the general and particular terms, GONDOLINE SPORT reserves the right to modify them, alter them and write new provisions according to the new activities or to adapt to the new regulations an legislations. Such changes are only compulsory after their entry into force and applicable to the user when accessing into the website. 2. Cancellation of the service: GONDOLINE SPORT reserves the right to suspend the service unilaterally and without prior notice and to deny the access to the site, either temporarily or indefinitely, to any user who fails to comply with these general and particular terms, or who carries out illegal acts and the ones contrary to law, to the public order and the morality.

The provision of the services of the website and its functioning has an indefinite nature. However, GONDOLINE SPORT may temporarily suspend the service or give it ended permanently, at any time or moment. GONDOLINE SPORT undertakes to notify the users about the suspension or the temporary or definitive interruption of the service. In the case of the unilateral resolution of the service or the forced cancellation of the website, GONDOLINE SPORT will inform the user previously of the causes of this decision, as well as the reasoning on which it is based. In thesecases, GONDOLINE SPORT undertakes to keep the information stored on its server during the period of ten calendar days, after which it will proceed to erase them, fact that is not of its liability.

The user may be contacted by GONDOLINE SPORT through notices to the provided post address and email or through calls by telephone or any other means known by GONDOLINE SPORT. In this sense, all the notifications that GONDOLINE SPORT may send to the user shall be considered validly made, if they have been done by using the previously designated data and media. For this purpose, the user declares that all the data provided are true, accurate and correct, and undertakes to notify to GONDOLINE SPORT all the changes, developments and future amendments relating to these notification data. All the notifications and communications to GONDOLINE SPORT made by the user shall be considered effective, for all purposes, when sent to GONDOLINE SPORT by any of the following ways:
1. Post to the following address: Avda. de Hispanoamérica, 1 - 03610 Petrer (Alicante) SPAIN
2. Phone call to the phone number: 965 370 634
3. Email to the following address:

All matters relating to the website are governed by Spanish laws and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the Spanish territory. The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, accept the Spanish law as the governing law of this contract in the event of any controversy in its interpretation or performance, and they are subject to the courts of Alicante to solve any dispute that may arise from it.

Avda. de Hispanoamérica, 1 - 03610 Petrer (Alicante) SPAIN Phone: 965 370 634

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